Make Your Feelings a Reality

Share your feelings about your surroundings with family, friends and neighbors while navigating your neighborhood, commuting to school or work and discovering new places through TeenTend's fun augmented reality app.  


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Unify your community

Share your feelings and see those of others.  By supporting each other and working together, we can make our neighborhoods more sustainable, equitable and livable.  

Augmented Reality

Discover a new way of looking at your neighborhood. AR enhances your surroundings by adding fun, virtual elements that cannot be seen or felt any other way.

Give voice to youth
and residents

We all know youth have a tough time getting heard. Often times their voices are not heard until it’s too late. Through TeenTend youth can amplify their voice any time, anywhere and get feedback.

Machine learning

Understand your surroundings with some help from technology.  Identify trees and neighborhood objects with your phone and tag them with your emotions.

Share with city officials

Be part of the conversation.  Once feelings are shared consistently, your friends, neighbors and city officials can benefit from it. They will know what fun things are happening, places to check out and avoid.

Empower local businesses

A safer, more fun neighborhood means stronger connections with your local businesses.  Exploring new places that are fun to hang out means more business for local merchants.




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